While working at Interbrand, I composed articles for both the company's website and brandchannel.com—their blog dedicated to all things branding. Some of these articles are posted below.


Thinking outside the Thesaurus: Creativity in Naming

Every creative task requires a willingness to open one’s mind up to the unexpected. But naming is a very particular craft. Creating your story in its shortest form can be quite a challenge—especially when the goal is to differentiate your brand from the competition while staying true to the values it holds dear.

Nike Shoe Biz Collaborations, From Haute (Couture) to Hot (Coffee)

For more than 50 years, Nike has introduced the world to an array of athletic sportswear while partnering with countless celebrities. But the average Nike connoisseur may find the extreme dichotomy of its recent collaborations a bit surprising.

Target Partners with Barbie to Model Swimsuit Line for All Body Types

Gone are the days when swimsuit models were required to be a size 0—or at least Photoshopped to appear that way. In fact, today’s best models to promote body acceptance may not have real bodies at all.

#EmojiScience: GE’s Messenger Bot Determines If You’re an Emoji Genius

For millennials, emoji have become essential to communication. After all, what says “I’m totally kidding” better than...